This article will explain how to share modules and libraries between different federated microfrontend modules

In the previous two articles, we created a Portal that hosts two Microfrontends: Products, and events-microfrontend. I used different repos and different naming to simulate separate teams building them.

However, we did not show both…

Microfrontends with Webpack5 Module Federation

Module Federation gives us a new method of sharing code between frontend applications. “ The previous sentence is significant in understanding Module Federation. The reason Zack Jackson invented Module Federation is to make sharing code more straightforward and more independent. If you understand this concept, it will be easier to…

While building a new portal with Webpack 5, React, and Module Federation, I wanted to include one of the components in a legacy React component created by create-react-app on Webpack 5. In this article, I will explain how I have done that successfully on a React-APP made with create-react-app


Create a new react app

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